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Flexible tub model Rulos Plastimons Blue

Flexible Tub Rollers model Blue Plastimons
Flexible tub model Rulos Plastimons Blue
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Plastimons tub Azul (the King Baby brand) is foldable, has flexible chest and is very useful and practical, because it has changer and carries a metal chassis that can be folded scissor, taking up very little space. This model Plastimons has a funny drawing of a monster with blue tones. bath Features Flexible rollers has a large flexible chest changer included Comes with drain to facilitate removal of the water once finalize baby bath has two rollers or cylinders padded on both sides of the tub to prevent falls and maintain a posture right to bathe the baby has a lower storage tray to put diapers, towels, clothes, etc. And so to have on hand everything you need to bathe and change your baby close ultracompact scissor to occupy very little space, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms with limited space bath. Flexible measures bathtub rulos: Height: 92 cm Width: 87 cm Depth: 53 cm (Note: Actual color may differ slightly from that shown on screen)

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